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Envision - Torn b/w Greed Cassette Single

$4.00 / Sold Out

South Florida's Envision are gearing up to release their first 7" later this year on Ugly & Proud Records... In the meantime, Plead Your Case is proud to present you with this Cassette single, giving a taste of what the band has in store. This tape features "Torn", a track from the upcoming record, backed with "Greed", a cover of one of the greatest South Florida hardcore bands to ever do it. Check this tape and keep an eye out for the 7" if you're into emotional and honest Straight Edge hardcore that takes diverse cues from bands like Outspoken, Bane, Unbroken, Spawn, and throws them all into a blender to create something a little different than the sum of it's parts.

Stream the tape here now: https://envisionhc.bandcamp.com

*At the time these are posted, the PYC gang is stepping out of the office to go to California for sound and fury! These will ship when the guys get back the week after the fest*